About Us

THORNE IT; As of 2022, real estate etc. built on the blockchain ecosystem. It is a technology-based investment platform that works to maintain its commitment to providing the highest level of service to its customers in fields. Our core services include digital project creation and consulting, tokenization, human resource management, customer relations and analytics and reporting, etc. services are included.

Our company; strives to provide world-class, global content technological solutions backed by friendly and flexible services to help you get results that will carry you with hope into the future.

In order for the whole society to benefit; We are building a technology-based platform that provides easier, unlimited, transparent and scalable access to investment. We aim to solve the access limitation and budgetary difficulty in the current order by tokenizing the targeted investment on the blockchain and adding the transaction (buy-sell) feature to the digital investment in question.

To support our technology-based services that we will offer within our organization; TokenFund, which will perform tocanization, and TerraMirum, our international marketplace, were established.


It was established to provide the 'tokenization' services needed for all securities and real estate assets in the world to be included in the blockchain ecosystem and be traded. Within the scope of these services; Necessary 'smart contracts' will be prepared so that any real product can be converted into a 'digital product'.


Digital investment platforms are required for the trading (trading) of all assets converted into digital products by TokenFund with the help of 'smart contracts'. At this point, Terra Mirum will be a marketplace where all digital products tokenized by TokenFund are exhibited, bought and sold in the national and international arena.


  • Adding value to our customers' assets with projects that will support “sustainable growth” in digital investment areas.
  • To ensure the continuous development of our entire digital investment family (employees, solution partners, stakeholders, etc.).
  • To strengthen our technology-based “capabilities”, especially by taking into account the conditions of international competition,
  • To expand our stakeholder network by increasing the quality of our corporate structure.
  • To serve the needs arising on the basis of blockchain technologies in the international and national arena.
  • Focusing on active business and project development in digital investment areas


  • Increasing blockchain literacy in the digital investment world.
  • To establish cooperation with international companies in the field of technology.
  • As a company, to build a reputation in the market by gaining the appreciation of our customers who make/will invest.
  • To produce appropriate solutions by following the technological developments in the markets with our investor stakeholders.
  • Developing software that produces appropriate solutions to current problems.
  • To be always transparent, fast and reliable in the digital investment sector.
  • To focus on the training and development of our experts.


  • Integrity
  • Accuracy/Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Quickness
  • Durability